Kia ora, I'm Adam Burmister –
Front-end Architect/Consultant.
(I make beautiful products & websites) is beautiful board reporting
I made board reporting simple and beautiful

Founder and CTO

Beautifully simple board reporting for startups and their boards. The UI is built with AngularJS, powered by a Rails CORS JSON API.

I helped make Xero, the Beautiful Accounting Software
I helped make Xero, Beautiful Online Accounting Software
Xero's bank reconciliation screen

Xero (application and homepage)

Senior frontend engineer

Xero is Webby Award winning Online Accounting Software.

As a pre-IPO employee (dev hire #4) I had input into frontend engineering practices, backend accounting system and marketing website development.

BBC Homepage
I lead development of the BBC homepage redesign
The BBC Homepage

BBC Homepage

Lead Developer

I was honoured to have the chance to work on the largest UK website.

Brought in to inject a startup mentality to the BBC Public Service, I worked to re-architect a legacy CMS to a modulare, reusable, modern architecture, and lead a development team of 7. provides real-time message filtering as a service
I founded a PaaS real-time filtering startup

Founder, Product Development & Engineering provides real-time message filtering as a service. Collect, filter, enhance and route messages from a wide range of real-time data sources.

As my first startup it's given me a wide range of skills: product conception, development, fund raising, marketing, sales, large contract negotiations, hiring, firing… every skill within the entrepreneurial sphere.

IronRuby in Action
I wrote the book on IronRuby
IronRuby in Action, front cover

IronRuby in Action


I helped write a book on the Microsoft .NET Ruby dialect! Crazy, right?